The time for waiting in long queues for con badges is here.

Summer is back!

We’ll be expecting super-high temperatures no doubt, but it’s not like those climate change deniers could care. I mean, it’s only rising sea levels, air pollution and holes in the ozone layer. It’s almost as if we’re that close to some sci-fi show; expect fancy mechas and mentally ill child pilots anytime soon.

But this is not the place for that. Instead, we have anime to focus on. Summer is also con season, and my near-annual pilgrimage to Dragoncon in Atlanta over the Labor Day week. I had made plans to attend Anime Expo this year as well, but I couldn’t afford that and Dragoncon. So instead I’m content with monitoring the masses of extremely lucky Anitwitter people who actually managed to get tickets to see Aqours, the creators of that-ice-skating-show-that-will-not-be-named, and any other big names attending. I have recovered from the Eromanga Sensei lifestyle, and will not make the same mistake again (yeah right). But while season 2 of My Hero Academia and another dancing anime (Welcome To The Ballroom) comes, and No Game No Life and Prisma Illya get movies, I’ve chosen more muted shows. Shows that I know that I’d actually like. Saying that though, I’m sure one of these shows will seriously suck. It’s my curse…

Sakura Quest

(Continuing on Crunchyroll)

We’re continuing where we left off from the events of the Spring cour in Manoyama.

At this stage, each of the 5 girls have had some kind of backstory established already. Maki had great dreams of leaving town to be an actress, only to get minor bit roles and commercials. 13 episodes in however, and it’s still not understood why exactly she chose to return. Country girl Shiori is very wary of taking charge, but we learn she is capable of standing on her own two feet if required. Ririko is still battling with Social Anxiety Syndrome, and hopes the others can help her with it.

Meanwhile Queen Yoshino still has a lot to prove to the citizens of Manoyama, and yet out of the 5 girls, she is the most shallow. After the documentary crew and the rock band (and their fans) came and gone, she is wondering whether her role as Queen of a micro-country created in Japan’s bubble economy is even worth it.

I have no idea what to expect in this second half (this was a totally original show), but I’m sure Yoshino will probably want to stay after her year is up.

Love & Lies

Begins: Monday, July 3.

(Available on Amazon)

This is something I only decided recently to do, and a actual romance show is something I very rarely do; Fuuka was the last one I watched, and look how that turned out. Then again, this one genuinely looks interesting.

This allegedly atypical romance show is set in an alternate future where citizens are automatically assigned their future husbands/wives when they turn 16. The below-average Yukari turns 15, and is expecting his assigned partner soon, but his heart is already beating for fellow schoolgirl Misaki, who is just as wary of getting her assigned partner.

The studio, Lidenfilms, has a lot to prove. Their resume includes Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Terraformars, so adapting this romance manga after doing fantasy and mecha shows should either work or…not. Kind of glad I decided to stick with Amazon as well, as it appears they have exclusivity to this.

Tsuredure Children

Begins: Tuesday, July 4.

(Available on Crunchyroll)

I had heard a little about the manga in the past, and so I was a little excited when I found out it was going to be adapted. This is only to be a short-episode show, meaning no epic tales. And it was the best decision to make them short episodes too.

Tsuredure Children doesn’t stick to one long story; instead various short stories are told about various schoolkids who fall in love, all of whom have different definitions of what love is. From the boy who has zero self-confidence, to the girl who pours her own blood into homemade chocolates for Valentine’s Day…from the karate club captain stalking her male kouhai, to the innocent girl who falls for a narcissistic loser.

Stereotypes are thrown out the window, and that’s what drew me to this.

New Game!!

Begins: Tuesday, July 11.

(Season 1 available on Crunchyroll)

I regretted not choosing season 1 for OASG last year, as I watched it all in one go when I could. And I don’t often binge-watch shows…I only usually do it with shows I adore. I’m even prepared to call this the spiritual successor to YuruYuri, in the fact that it has short and sharp slice-of-life humor that everyone can laugh at…oh, and closet lesbians.

Season 2 will pick up from where season 1 left us: Fairies Story 3 is finished, and the people love it. So what can they possibly do to top that? Aoba is no longer ‘the new girl’, and both Ko and Hifumi are much more outgoing than they used to be, so will we see college girl Nene make a permanent return? I hope so.

I’m pretty sure that this won’t be as good as season 1, although I said that about season 2 of Yuru Yuri, and Dogakobo turned it up to 11 for that.

Owarimonogatari Ge

Begins: Saturday, August 12.

(Part 1 available on Crunchyroll and home video)

Monogatari is back…and just when you thought you got sick of it after the Kizumonogatari prequel movies…but don’t worry…Owarimonogatari marks the beginning of the end…no really…it’ll all be over soon.

This is the second half of the Owarimonogatari light novels. While the first half focused more on Shinobu and class rival Sodachi, this half will put the focus on Mayoi, Hitagi, and then back on to Ougi, who made a much more prominent appearance in part 1. I already know the plotlines of all three ‘stories’ in this season:

  • Mayoi comes back into Koyomi’s life, but how? And why is she back?
  • Hitagi chooses to spend extended time with Koyomi before they both graduate.
  • Ougi decides to interfere with Koyomi’s daily routine once again, but what is her true motive?

This will not be a full-blown season, though; it is instead being shown as specials. Part 1 didn’t really generate any sparks; I think at this point, ennui is beginning to settle in the Monogatari franchise, and that it is beginning to be more for the fans (like myself) than casual viewers. Nonetheless, I will be perusing this very carefully…I know SHAFT will stick to the script of the light novels religiously, like they have always done in past Monogatari seasons.

Squid Girl

(Available on Crunchyroll and home video)

My classic/out-of-season show for this Summer season, and I haven’t actually seen this before. Me, a hardcore Splatoon fan, still not seen this. Remarkable I know.

Upset and angry at how the humans are treating the ocean, Squid Girl emerges to the surface with the intent to invade, only for her…well…moeness to get the better of her. A rather simple comedy sketch show, but I think considering real life has taken a bit of a tumble in the last month or so, I need a laugh. New Game!!, Tsuredure Children, and this.

I’ll probably pour scorn on one of them; maybe even the Monogatari show I’ve been waiting for. I am getting a bit tired of the franchise after all; it’s as if it’s lost its wonder and it now needs to be put to retirement.