I won't drop this. Promise.

  • As much as I have lost patience with this show, the setting and these characters (except Saya who, unfortunately, was rather absent this week), I shall persevere, since I told myself never to drop a show. If you happen to come across my own personal blog, you may have seen one thing I occasionally do: watch an incredibly bad show in one go, non-stop. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei was my first, and let’s just say that experience was not pretty to watch…
  • But I think a part of me does genuinely want to like this show, despite my recent rantings in past episode reviews. I have been a sucker for slice-of-life, switching from magical girl/fantasy shows (somehow…), and this certainly fits the bill as one. But since that genre has become so widespread and every show that has that genre label seems to be dime-a-dozen. They need to bring extremely original elements to make them stand out and get the viewers want to come back and watch more. People can easily complain to me and dispute that by saying that Hotaru’s own maniacal behavior is one original element, as well as the encyclopedic knowledge of traditional sweets. I suppose it’s just a case on what we as the viewer perceive as original elements that actually work.

  • This week proves to us that, out of the entire house, it is Coconuts who is the most mature. Perhaps after being in his sweet shop for such a long time, the sugar has gotten to Dad as well. Packet ramune is a topic, and as it is apparently ‘addictive’, it’s something the show treats as suspicious, hence Hotaru and Dad sneaking around in the dark. It’s only later when we find out that the shop sold it anyway, only Dad ate it all and got addicted to it. To me this kind of thing is just a ‘meh’ joke; much like the whole show, I think. Each joke just seems to be a ‘meh’ joke, and we’re not totally grabbed by something amazing. With Coconuts acting nonchalant and Saya nervously laughing to avoid being rude, we are left with the other cast acting as immature as they can in order to generate ‘meh’ laughs for us. A harsh criticism, but I’ve decided not to rant and rage like I have done. After all, people do like this show; I just happen not to.
A Pewds in the making.
  • I already know what we are going to get next week: two pieces of knowledge about two different types of traditional sweets, Hotaru putting on a grand show for Coconuts to prove to him that selling these sweets are a good thing after all (and that living as a NEET trying to be a mangaka might have some fun qualities but ultimately amounts to nothing when you’re broke), and more ‘meh’ jokes.
  • Perhaps a show like this will make me stronger inside. A more tolerant and a more balanced viewer and reviewer. I mean, what if Dagashi Kashi operated on a story as opposed to slapstick humor? We would see Hotaru arriving in this place, Dad messing around like he always seems to whenever he crops up…eventually Coconuts would develop some kind of crush on Hotaru (and maybe she could share her feelings too), which would anger Saya since she knows him more and she feels like she got dibs first. And the ending? Well blood would be spilt, tears will be shed, but Coconuts would eventually see that owning a run-down candy store in the middle of rural Japan beats drawing manga. Dad would disappear off and use his expertise in Hotaru’s big company, but would she go back to Japan? Of course not, because she and Coconuts would eventually fall in love…leaving Saya as the third wheel.
  • But alas, we have this slapstick comedy-style show instead. Might as well enjoy what we have instead.