So, with a number of people doing creative things out there, here's a roundup of those people doing creative things.
Shonen Jump gone eros
For your patience in seeing creative stuff, here’s a manga that has panties attack a man

So eons ago, or last year, I actually retired looking up articles online. There were a number of reasons why this was the case, but simply put, I wasn’t enthused about doing it weekly anymore. But there are some great articles there that a mere tweet would not do. So, what could I do about it?

Welp, focus on having it at the end of the month.

And that’s what Reference Resource Monthly is, which will have links, videos, OASG article roundups, and more from around the anime and manga industry and community. Chances are I’ll find something worthwhile, but if you guys have stories, send that email! (Contact at theoasg dot com).

Now, onto the stories…

Some OASG stuff we worked on

  1. Muse’s watching Slayers, so feel free to check out her exploits there.
  2. Helen and I reviewed Baccano! because it’s awesome.
  3. I kicked off the inaugural Lab Report series with an interview with VA Katelyn Barr.
  4. Finally, we had a manga industry person write about joining the manga industry.

Stories for the Month


Franken-Fran Volume 3-4, because all the horror.

Slayers Next, because Slayers.

Also have a review of a Ghibli film, Whisper of The Heart.

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 1. Is everyone getting married?!?

Kuma Miko, because it’s a bear and a Miko sitting in…ok nvm.

The Asterisk War, since a LN turned into anime had to be here.

The PodCenter

Hey, if you need stuff to listen to for the month, here you go:

Tanglecast: The Significance of Our First Anime

Slayers Rewatch Podcast: Spell #04

Ani-Gamers Podcast #061 — The History of Anime and Anime Fandom With Helen McCarthy

The 300th Episode of The Baka-Cast, which is a lot of episodes: The Budweiser of Feminism

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast Episode 40

Finally, Episode 45: “My Toasty Academia”

Less Reading, More Watching

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