Shortest season ever.

…but then again, I guess it only felt like that because I was away for about a quarter of it. Oh well, bring on the Fall.

Many have been praising Tsuredure Children for its unique yet often realistic take on romance in school, so why did I drop it? I think it was probably because after around episode 4 or 5, I was getting very tired of the characters not really going anywhere. Now I learn that some significant things happen later in the show, such as the very tragic ending of Chiaki and Kana’s relationship (the comedy duo above). Things like that show that not every rom com show is all sweetness and innocent humor.

Well, speaking of sweetness and innocent humor, I can talk about New Game!! now that it has ended…oh wait, a considerably less amount of sweetness and innocent humor is something that applies to season 2. This week, for the final episode, the release of PECO was put at the back, to make way for Ko’s departure from Eagle Jump.

A selfish decision seen by both Aoba and Rin, but it’s only when Ko explains that it was the both of them who stopped her from being a lazy bum at the office to someone more outgoing, caring and understanding that the two of them understand why she wants to expand her gaming knowledge and push her limits at a French gaming company that sounds not unlike Ubisoft.

New Game!! differed greatly from the original show, in that drama, heartbreak and despair was more visible. As Fairies Story 3 was made in season 1, it seemed like all of these guys were just having fun while trying to do some work. Well, with the creation of PECO and the hiring of new people, that the pressures of creating a game gets to them. Of course, I wouldn’t picture the real pressures that game designers/artists/motion capture designers/etc. end up going through in a moe show like this. I mean don’t get me wrong, we got all the fluffy moeblob that we were expecting from season 1, and Hifumi is still your goddess…and you know it.

I don’t really picture a third series, as I can’t imagine Ko not being in it, as she was just as integral and vital to the show as Aoba and Hifumi were. I will watch it if Dogakobo (or whoever) decide to do it, but I won’t have high expectations of it, sadly.

In the mad rush to fetch the visiting mayor, the festival in Sakura Quest ends without a single hitch, with everyone ultimately accepting the eventual merger. We never find out if Manoyama is to become a sister city, but that’s at the back of our minds, now the 5 girls stop and think about their futures.

Shiori is to remain at the Tourist Office, while Maki continues with her acting troupe, Sanae opens an IT consultancy office in the shopping district and Ririko chooses to travel the world.

As for Yoshino? Well, she doesn’t stay, but she doesn’t go back to Tokyo or to her hometown either. Due to the success story she has made in Manoyama (and the positive press that has come about from it), she sticks with her agency and chooses to help about another ailing town. A bit of a surprise, but I suppose it’s a nice way to end the show for good.

Sakura Quest was the one of the few 2-cour shows that I’ve watched that didn’t actually feel like it went on for 6 months. Not like Sangatsu no Lion, which seemed to go on and on for like forever. Yes, I know that that’s coming back in the Fall. I will be avoiding it this time; one can only handle so much shogi. Our time with Yoshino and the other girls was a rewarding one, and while it won’t be sending this city boy off into the countryside, I guess I can appreciate it more now.

As for any final thoughts I have on Love & Lies? Well it was a show I decided to pick at the last minute. I didn’t realise until much later that it was in fact on Amazon. I know both Amazon and Netflix need to get their acts together if they want to attract the anime-viewing public, but then again, anime is not their bread and butter, not to mention that they rely on their own original shows to succeed too (House of Cards, Narcos, Orange Is The New Black, American Gods, The Man In The High Castle, The Grand Tour, etc.), which they all do. Anime is much farther down the priority list for them. I think Netflix are beginning their first steps; one of Little Witch Academia‘s executive directors was the CEO of Netflix Japan. Anyway, Love & Lies talk…

I was rooting for Ririna the whole way. While with Misaki, it was more of a childhood infatuation, Ririna’s relationship with Yukari was much more natural and something that could very easily work in time. Their epic ‘practice’ kiss at the hot springs resort in the final episode only proves it. I don’t want this to have a second season though, but that’s only because it doesn’t really need it. Sure, I wasn’t thrilled with how ambiguous the ending was, but any more on-screen development on this would fall flat and ruin my opinion on the show. We’ll never know if Yukari will choose Ririna or Misaki, we’ll never know if Nisaka ‘fesses up and tells Yukari how he feels, and we’ll never know if Shuu is fired from the ministry after her selfish little prank. That’s okay with me, to be honest.

Love & Lies has been a very pleasant surprise hit in my eyes. I’m usually extremely picky when it comes to romance (or suggested romance) shows; I think years and years of same-old-same-old school romance comedies did that to me (I’m looking at you, Toradora!). I was listening to a lot of BTS around this summer, and you know how some music (no matter where it comes from) can fit the mood of a show, well their more recent material almost did just that.

Now comes the next season. Check out my Fall Preview post to see what I’ll be watching for The OASG this season.