I have effectively turned into a night owl.

My reversed sleep pattern means that not only was I able to watch my favorite Overwatch League team thrash everyone (or try to), but I was able to watch some live Olympics without any real worry. Although the thought of seeing Yuri on Ice spam from Anitwitter for the next 3 weeks isn’t a nice one; it is already foaming from the mouth after one pair skated to a song from it in qualifying rounds…

We’ll start with a wintery-themed show: Yuru Camp aka Yuri Camp aka Camping Girls™. As all of them are returning to their normal lives after going camping (sorry…I just can’t imagine going camping in winter so I applaud all of these girls), Nadeshiko proposes another trip, this time with just Rin. One thing that you can see, at this point in the show after 6 episodes in, that even though Rin exhibits behavior that she would rather spend time alone, whenever Nadeshiko pops up in the show, her heart immediately melts.

I mean, look at these two arriving at a big supermarket like a couple, shopping for meat to cook on Rin’s new toy for their camping trip. Sooner or later, Rin will find the patience to keep up with the other members of the Outdoor Activities Club sooner or later, who have still not really made that much of an impact in this show sadly. We will also see more of Rin’s other friend soon enough, who has only occasionally appeared in this show (as she is not a camper herself). Unless the show writers decide to purposefully keep them on the bench and just focus on Rin and Nadeshiko. I wouldn’t hate that though, but I know the other characters have potential going for them.

Mei’s father is back in Citrus, and the truth is revealed at why she is so standoffish against him; it is because she has only ever known him as the strict and upstanding citizen that built the academy she is absorbed in. Sadly, this is another example episode that shows us that they are actually rushing this story as quickly as they can in order to get as much as they can in 12-13 episodes. Next week introduces Matsuri, an old friend of Yuzu, and the next storyline. I’ve got this very strong feeling that they’re going to rush this along too, and have her take up the space of one episode, or two at the very most. Since I haven’t caught up with the manga, Matsuri’s introductory storyline is as far as I know.

There is one thing we need is more Harumi. I like that she has become a ‘permanent’ shoulder for Yuzu to vent at when Mei is annoying the heck out of her…

I am sort of glad that Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles has decided to bounce back after a bit of a lacklustre episode.

This week sees less focus on Yuu’s unhealthy obsession with Koizumi, although it is evident. Here, all 4 girls try Hiyashi chuka in various locations in the heat of summer. Later, Koizumi makes a pilgrimage to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and runs into a lost German girl, who ends up clinging onto her as she goes around the museum trying out various ramen dishes. Rather adorable, and certainly refreshing to see compared to past episodes. Even despite the blip last week, it’s as if each ‘mini-story’ featured in this show slowly gets more and more fun and satisfying to watch.

By the way, it’s worth noting that all of the restaurants and locations that Koizumi visits are real places; from the pineapple ramen place from a couple of episodes ago, to this week’s ramen museum in Yokohama. So not only is this heavenly for the fans who go location-spotting, but handy advertising. I mean, I’m pretty sure that sales from these ramen shops will have increased by a huge amount both as this show is airing and when this show is over.

My next coverage of Darling in the Franxx will be in an upcoming full-length post, where I will be looking at how the show has done (or not done) so far, and especially touching on Zero Two and Hiro’s relationship compared to the cold and emotionless world around them. Now that Hiro has proven himself to be a pilot, and Zero Two doesn’t need to be redeployed anymore, all of the kids have to find a way to work together now.

As I’m continuing Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, my favorite pairing arrives: Seo and Wakamatsu. Seo chooses to help out in the boy’s basketball team, which first-year Wakamatsu is in, and as she continues to pester him, the more stress is built up on him. Unaware that she is also the angelic voice of the Choir Club, he falls in love with her voice, and the stress and insomnia he has thanks to Seo disappears. Sadly, this is the one pairing that is given the least attention in the anime (while it is, of course, given much more in the manga), so I guess it’s just a matter of me savoring every moment.

Also, as I was watching this episode (#6), I began to think if Dogakobo ever thought about doing a Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun sequel…and then I remembered how a lot of school rom com show sequels end up: extremely forgettable. So I’m kind of glad that, as the manga carries on to this day, Dogakobo knew that this great show could only be great as a show with a limited amount of episodes.

As the Olympics have now begun (and I’m always hyped when they are on, winter or summer), may your country’s team kick butt. The United Kingdom isn’t renowned for their winter Olympic athletes, but oh well. Perhaps I’ll wait for things like this to happen instead…

How fares your winter anime season? Do you think Rin should finally confess to Nadeshiko? Should there have been a Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun sequel? Will you be watching the Olympics actually for the sport? What else have you been watching? Feel free to air your opinions in the comments below…