Has shows gone into decent directions now it's nearly the end of the season? Yes...and no.

  • Should I say that this season is great? No, of course it isn’t. There has been so many flawed shows that words can’t comprehend. A lot of people have mixed opinions over various shows; I only need to take Dagashi Kashi as an example. Loads of people love it and how both Hotaru and Saya stand out as quality characters and potential waifus, but I hated it. Hell I’m even drawing out a list of shows to check out for the Spring cour. So far I’m excited, but they all say that; give it a few weeks and we’ll be dropping shows left, right and center!
  • We’ve reached this stage of Myriad Colors Phantom World now that even they acknowledge their own faults. Instead of progressing with any actual story regarding how Phantoms came into the world, it chooses yet another filler to show that not all Phantoms are the bad guys. Yes, KyoAni have been on their highs and lows recently; this show is a low, and it does remind me a lot of P.A. Works. This article on one of my favorite blogs, Anime Maru, even parodies on how the two studios are secretly fighting against each other on who can make the most disappointing show. P.A. Works’ Haruchika hasn’t impressed everyone since it is rather forgettable.

  • It doesn’t have the drama that Hibike! Euphonium has, or the mystery elements of any other standardised mystery show, and in addition, I haven’t been wholly impressed by the animation; something that’s totally different than the likes of Nagi no Asukara and Shirobako. However, while KyoAni’s recent offering of the activities of a music club combines moe with some seriously quality drama, Haruchika aims directly at drama and mystery. While I really respect them for doing that (this week’s episode wasn’t actually that bad), it’s still an up-and-down show. I think another viewing after this cour is over will give me a better impression.

  • Plus Aokana is actually getting further towards a genuine visual novel adaptation, only without the sex. Misaki has now left the club, and although the other do their comedy routine to get her back, Masaya just tries the normal way and makes her decide not only on being upset, but by what she really believes. Then suddenly the powerhouse team Avalon arrive out of nowhere to…show off effectively, using the “we-won-the-championships-so-we’re-going-to-show-off-how-great-we-are-and-how-pathetic-all-of-you-are” tactic. It hits home, as it shows Asuka that Flying Circus isn’t all about having fun, and that failing can really sting. But will the ending be Asuka mustering enough strength to beat the emotionless Saki? We all thought that Shindou was to be the main antagonist but we were all proved wrong. But even if a dog-fight between Asuka and Saki is the ending, I don’t think it matters. Flying Circus is something that is key in Aokana, but now that the championships are over, Misaki has left the club and Asuka knows how bad it can be to lose a game, the sport has taken a step back and the characters have taken a giant leap forward.
  • My spell in hospital has actually given me some pause for thought over what I really enjoy in a show now. When I began, I followed fantasy and magical girl shows like anything, but I think it was either Kare Kano or Toradora! that got me turning to romantic comedy/school comedy/slice-of-life shows. While next season has its fair share of moe slice-of-life shows, I am on doctor’s orders………I’m not really, but while I keep meaning every cour to stop watching them, I just keep coming back somehow. I will admit that, while it is flawed, Haruchika has been the one to get me to be very very careful, but not in the bad way. The spring has Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, a show about a very lazy school kid; I’m prepared to give it a show, but I’m also prepared if I hate it.
  • But that’s way too far away now; let’s just enjoy what we have left in this season for now. Or try to enjoy it. Myriad Colors Phantom World is likely not to get out of its filler episode slump, Aokana might venture into character development territory (or end up going down the atypical dog-fight route), Dagashi Kashi will never ever change, and a lot of people still like that, Haruchika will likely reach an acceptable ending although no promises, but we all know that Bokumachi will have us remaining at the edge of our seats.
  • Do it for Kayo.