Where the fillers and boring episodes begin.

I’m doing okay. I think I’m doing okay. The intro episodes (of most of the shows) are done, and now we are supposed to start getting into the meat of the show. Supposedly. Come on, you know how much studios love to make filler episodes.

I think I need some help in finding something original when it comes to Love Live! Sunshine!! now, as I’m just anticipating that Chika will lead the 8 other girls into forming aquors and doing little else. This won’t get a second season, I think. It is cool that we got some insight as to who Riko is, and why she enjoys playing the piano. Everyone seems to pin on Yohane, as she is the…least ordinary out of all of them. But we have Dia to think about, now that she has done a complete 180-degree turn, going from strict school mistress who is not amused by any of Chika’s activities, to crazy μ’s fan who is still not amused at how little Chika knows about her favourite act.

I can picture Dia’s bedroom now; adorned with their posters, signed CDs and perhaps a poster of A-RISE somewhere. But her pride and joy would be her BD of one of their show, signed by all of them…but I’m sure she had to get it on, I don’t know, ebay or something. And of course, there’s her precious sister, who she can model on her favourite school idol (dem twin-tails of Ruby’s can only remind you of Nico!)

It’s almost as if each character is like a hybrid of the former ones. Now with Riko on-board, it feels like every episode from now on in will just introduce the other characters, much like its predecessor did.


Finally, I get to see Danganronpa return, and yet I’m seriously not happy! As a fan, even I had to struggle with some of the plot. Sure enough, new characters (The Future Foundation) are new, and I’m left struggling, seeing the fine and decent characters of the second game (Goodbye Despair) as despicable people. Then again, saying that, if Hiyoko and Mahiru are destroying the world, at least they’re destroying it together (OTP!). It will all be revealed, sure, but by the end of the episode, when we discover The Future Foundation all have to play Monokuma’s game again, I was like “Really? Not again!!” These are signs that this show will be just as dull as the original Danganronpa animation. Despair Arc starts later though so I’m not given up hope.

Oh, and I discovered that both Danganronpa arcs combined is two-cour. I also think that Funimation’s subtitles are stupid; seriously stupid.

You want to know about something else that was stupid this week? orange. I’ve seen an awful lot of school romance shows in my time, and this has quite possibly got to be the dullest, despite its promising story-line. I’m sure the manga and the live-action movie are infinitely better than this, so it would be interesting to know why they decided to make this adaptation so lackluster. Naho is a worrywart, Suwa crushes over Kakeru big-time and the other 3 have zero good qualities. I keep on expecting something great to happen in this show, and yet it never happens.


Re-reading that, I must really be in a sour mood this week, since I saw the beginning of the filler episodes in Rewrite too. This episode introduced everyone. Not having played the game previously, I had no idea it even had an occult research club, or another pervy MC (even with the harem that has already latched onto), but quite frankly, all of these plot points in this atypical Key show are all a dime a dozen. I have no idea what will feature in next week’s show, and a good part of me doesn’t even care. A show like this might actually put me off Key adaptations for good, which is a sad thing as I always used to like them.

But at least there is some hope, in the new Prisma Illya season. I was seriously expecting this season to fall on its behind, but the end of episode 1 left me with questions (in a good way). Now I know why Miyu features much less in this season (just as I suspected in the show’s PVs), and now I’m very curious to know all about this parallel world Illya has suddenly visited. And precious little ecchi! This cannot be! What the hell has happened?! In fact this season has gotten way more interesting than previous seasons: Chloe/Kuro, Rin and Luvia are (so far) missing, leaving brand new people, and new ridiculous antagonists.


And speaking of hope, what other show can I praise? Well in Shokugeki no Soma season 2, last week Alice had her behind handed to her…sadly. I genuinely felt sorry for her, despite her smugness and her fancy cooking equipment. As the Autumn Elections carry on, Megumi is pitted against Alice’s partner-in-crime, Ryo. I like the fact that we’re on the edge of our seats to see whether Megumi’s monkfish dish goes down well with the judges; I think this season might not be as generic and predictable as I anticipated it to be.

Despite negativity from some shows, it’s the first time in a long time where I’m looking forward to next week. Go me for being positive for a change…or rather go this season.