I'm still ill, and any self-confessed weeb would say that anime is the best medicine.

…well, I am not convinced, especially as this week was hit-and-miss. We’re nearing the end of this season, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

I was hoping that Chariot would get off her behind and help the others find Akko after she runs away in this week’s Little Witch Academia, but I got the impression that she would only make things worse. Besides, she has something else on her mind: stopping Croix, who has now quite clearly turned insane. Even if it means Akko hating her forever, Chariot knows she has to be stopped.

Meanwhile, hunting for Akko, everyone decides to get involved. Despite some of them not willing to admit it, Akko has touched them all in some way. Amanda knows she is just as rebellious as she is, Lotte has become an emotional wreck (because that’s just her nature)…even Sucy is missing her idiocy…and we even learn that Diana has grown to envy her free-spirited look at life. Their long talk was very interesting, in that we discover that Diana was also in the same audience as Akko was when they watched Chariot’s show. If Chariot and Croix are right about Dream Fuel Spirit, then it affected Diana as well as Akko. In time, Diana was able to get her magic back and excel at it. What I’m getting at is that if Diana can do it, then so can Akko.

This was a high-quality episode, and it only makes Akko’s resolve to become a witch stronger, no matter what it takes. We’re not entirely sure what exactly will happen in the remaining 2 episodes. The final Word, the Chariot and Croix catfight, and perhaps Akko coming to her rescue. I hope so; I want them to reconcile.

It’s a shame that I can’t say the same about this week’s Sakura Quest. So many people are praising this episode, but I’m struggling to agree with them. This week, as the matchmaking trip comes to its conclusion, the mystery of the bearded man coming out of the river was revealed; it turned out to be an ex of one of the women in the matchmaking trip who was stalking her. Also Ririko feels so much better, thanks to Yoshino. Yuk.

Since Ririko’s condition is something from personal experience, I would normally be up for going on some SJW rant about how P.A Works have kind of chosen to ‘sanitize’ it all, but I won’t…because this isn’t Tumblr. Ririko did some research about the town and discovered the local legend of the dragon girl who was initially shunned by Manoyama’s townspeople, and has thus chosen to compare herself to her. She sees the likes of Yoshino, Sanae and Maki suddenly come home and make success stories out of herself in such short a time, but it’s not a jealousy thing. Maybe she’s stifled by her loving but controlling grandmother (who we discover is very wary of outsiders due to what her son did)…maybe she feels like small talk just isn’t necessary…maybe it’s just a self-esteem issue…or even all three. I don’t think we’ll know the real reason, as the writers have sort of decided to end Ririko’s ‘story’ very rapidly, so I’m very disappointed in how they’ve chosen to execute this. Sanae is the only one not to have a backstory so I anticipate she will be next.

The current goings-on in Saekano Flat, however, have put me in a really sour mood, what with both Utaha and Eriri effectively stabbing Tomoya in the back. How? Well, lemme explain:

  • Firstly, they are both scouted by a top game producer, who will work with them both, but only if Eriri agrees.
  • Said producer proves to Eriri that her own work can easily be copied, thereby tilting Eriri to the point of no return.
  • Waiting a whole month before even telling Tomoya the news and just as he’s putting forward his plans for his own project.
  • Utaha then proceeds to blame Tomoya for their decision to move, due to not being an assertive producer (not giving them deadlines and just letting them work at their own pace).
  • Eriri is too chicken to even face him.

This was an emotionally-charged episode, but it strayed too far from its comfort zone of light humor and amiable banter, turning it into some grandiose drama told in a flashback. Tomoya will want Utaha to succeed in her endeavours as a writer, of course, but I don’t think Tomoya will ever forgive either of them for this sudden betrayal. I’m not really sure if I’ll be comfortable with the remaining episodes being like this; this kind of storytelling is a far cry from what the show is normally known for.

A show like Haibane Renmei, meanwhile, is meant for emotionally-charged drama; episode 11 proved it as we reach the end of the show and begin to understand the meaning of Reki’s depression.

Rakka has grown to accept that a Haibane’s time in the walled town is finite, and thus understands that Kuu’s time to leave was beyond her control. Her own illness was something that was eventually cured in time, as she began to understand more about the dream she had, and the bird who tried to come to her rescue (and sacrificed itself trying). Her punishment of collecting ‘light leaves’ from the wall has now become her job, just as the others in Old Home have their own jobs. As Rakka takes one of the young Feathers to the other Haibane community (which is co-ed), she learns that Reki has not always been a good person, with Midori calling her naive for believing she is angelic. With Reki’s own halo beginning to fade, the Communicator tell Rakka that her time in the walled town is almost up, regardless of whether she has her Day of Flight or not.

Even though Reki’s troubles were the main topic, the focus was mostly shifted back onto Rakka, who still clings onto the belief that all that Reki has ever done is good. But Midori has a good point; Rakka has only spent the good part of 6 months in the walled town…Reki has spent around 7 years in a place that is both her sanctuary and her prison. The more she tortures herself for being Sin-bound, the harder it becomes for her to ever find some form of redemption.

It was this week where I began to remember more about the final episodes of Haibane Renmei; I’ll only tell you that Hyoko and Midori have more to reveal to Rakka concerning Reki’s past…things that could threaten their friendship.

As I said, this has been a hit-and-miss week for me, despite all of the episodes being high-quality. I guess you can blame my elitist weeb tastes 😛