Kokonotsu's, and our, slow torture. To some people, anyway.

Behold my Super Sonic Kinako Stick Attack of Doom, mortal!!
  • I remember after I reviewed Denki-Gai that I ought to be more careful when it comes to situational comedy shows. Denki-Gai really didn’t do it for for me because it made fun of its subject topic so much that it was almost painful to watch. I know I ought to be more careful this time; did I choose this show blindly, not thinking what I actually was getting myself into?
  • In the space of two episodes, we have already established that the fact/possibility that Kokonotsu will consider running the store or not is irrelevant; what matters are these inane facts about traditional Japanese candy. This week we were ‘treated’ to Kinako sticks, Namaiki beer sachets (non-alcoholic, to prep the Japanese kids to drink when they’re older quite possibly) and ramune whistles, as well as playing Menko. An even bigger surprise is that while he moans and complains that he is more interested in being a mangaka, Kokonotsu passes off this knowledge of the store almost unknowingly, thereby convincing Hotaru even more that he is the right man for the job. Thankfully crazy Dad is nowhere to be found. This leads me to wonder how someone so insane is capable of running an old-fashioned candy place, unless he also had it in his head already that his son would get it, and so has disappeared from sight, leaving the boy to handle the even crazier chuunibyou rich girl.
  • …Or perhaps I’m the only one who sees Hotaru as a chuunibyou. While the girls in KyoAni’s Chuunibyou show spoke of the occult and peace, and Takane (ramen girl) in The Idolm@ster genuinely lived the lifestyle just by doing nothing and acting the complete opposite as every other member in her group. In comparison, Hotaru’s passion for traditional sweets is just…too unnatural. Like that go-between area fangirl and genuine crazy person. But this genuine crazy persona of hers has made this show what it is: something for the viewers to laugh and giggle at. Personally I’m not entirely sure why these viewers are laughing and giggling, as a majority of the things Hotaru has gotten up to in the show so far have rather got on my nerves a bit. Like in Denki-Gai, scenes often cut to imaginary places where, for example, living ramune whistles exist, and are sad that they are not as popular as their gum counterparts, and need ‘teaching’ in order to be successful. Scenes like that make me feel for Kokonotsu, in that he has somehow been forced into position by his father in having to deal with Hotaru. A subtle unnamed torture perhaps; if he decides to relent and say he will run the store, that will get Hotaru to shut up maybe.

“What am I doing here?”

“Why do I have to put up with this crazy girl?”

“Can I go back to drawing bad manga already?”

  • So you can no doubt tell that Dagashi Kashi has, so far, not really done it for me. I’m not a quitter though, as despite the fact that I’m a city boy, and the rural countryside is a strange and dangerous place in my eyes, the actual truth is that I don’t actually mind these little facts about Japanese candy. In fact I’m rather surprised how the various styles seriously compare to the masses of sugary chocolate us Western kids are treated to. Speaking of which, I’m sure that Japanese candy are very careful when it comes to sugar, and their kids getting hyper-active over the stuff…totally unlike their Western counterparts. I guess the only thing that has really made me think twice about the show is the main character herself. While I can understand how people can get to really like her, and can quite happily laugh at her craziness, I suppose I’m much harder to please, and am probably a person who can see a line between funny craziness and annoying craziness.
Don’t drink, kids! (this was non-alcoholic!)
  • I know for certain that next week will bring us another handful of encyclopedic knowledge of some Japanese candy. These are the opening episodes though, and perhaps I am making too rash of an decision regarding Hotaru… However, I suppose the one thing I know she won’t do in this show is change. I mention torture off the bat, even if that’s too harsh a word too. I guess I need to hold my breath and stop my head exploding whenever Hotaru tries to show off to Kokonotsu.
  • Although Coconuts is seriously a better name for him. It really is. It’s one of those un-insulting names you get given at school.