She gets better and better......somehow.

  • Well I’m amazed at how in the space of a few episodes, Asuka has gone from flying wherever without any form of control, to performing professional moves. This week marks the beginning of the competition; something which I didn’t expect until much later in the show. They’ve either put this here because of two reasons:
  1. The competition episodes are going to take up the remainder of the show, which might or might not make the show less exciting in general.
  2. The episodes have been put in early, with something ‘epic’ in the finale. Something worthy of any VN ending.
  • But with dimwit Asuka taking all of this Flying Circus as awesome and cheering on both the winners and the losers, the people are around her are just too bewildered at the fact that she doesn’t seem to take the sport as seriously as they do. To them Flying Circus is a dog-eat-dog competition; they race each other, push each other around in the sky and taunt each other all at once. It’s not unlike every other sport in the world really. As this is the first actual sports show I’ve watched, let alone reviewed, for a long long time, …hell it’s even bringing back memories of how much I didn’t enjoy sports at school. Here, it was either soccer, cricket or swimming. I’m a terrible soccer player, but while I can bowl well in cricket, I’m a far better swimmer. Of course I’ve aged, and in every sports anime, every player is as hapless as these high-schoolers. These Flying Circus players are no jocks; more like a ragtag bunch of people that are, in all essence, a lot like every other high-schooler in every other anime show. It’s a horrible criticism, but this week has been such a let-down for me.

  • Despite the fact that the competition has finally started, things aren’t starting to look any different in terms of actual quality. Even having smug guy back hasn’t livened things up this week; instead of pushing buttons at the others, he just acts as Satouin’s coach. “Wow…is that it?” was what I was thinking. Well as the chief antagonist I’m sure he’ll get back to his dastardly ways; after all, we have 7 or 8 episodes left.
  • Mashiro gets knocked out super early by Satouin, but that was something that was to be expected. Even with last week’s “twin-tailed girl getting good” show, facing up against a well-known player and actually winning was never going to happen. At least she took her defeat with grace. But the captain being the captain, of course he was going to lose. But now this competition brings us new girls in the cast; Mashiro’s classmate and competition commentator, the silent girl from last week who apparently trained in the UK, the so-called home of Flying Circus (because we Brits are perfect at everything naturally!), and of course even more faces that we will forget by the next episode. Bear in mind though that this is an adaptation of an eroge, so it’s no wonder that Masaya the male MC has a perfect pick on how he will choose to spend more time with.
The harem gets bigger.
  • …but we still don’t even know why Masaya gave up the sport. But I think that’ll be something we’ll only find out at the end. Maybe in the penultimate episode or something…but then again do I even care now? Or will we even see him in competition Grav-Shoes in this show? I don’t think it would matter if we did or if we didn’t. His feet are perfectly fine on the ground. Next week the competition will continue of course, but with only Asuka and Misaki left from the school still left and 7 or 8 episodes to go, these filler episodes will just consist of being in the competition, and that’s something I don’t think I’m going to look forward to, being honest. We’re at the halfway stage, and at the competition stage, but Aokana still needs some meat in order to make the show more appealing and watchable, and at this stage we’re not getting any of it.