It's not often when I lose patience and the will to live after an opening KyoAni episode.

  • Having now watched episode number 2, I can differentiate what we actually asked for in a show like this, and what we really really didn’t want. Unfortunately the latter is ahead.
  • Being treated with another unnecessary Monogatari-like intro, the sad bunch are delivered more work, this time to tag along with someone with a decent amount of talent. It only goes sour when they are sent to deal with something at an all-girls college dorm. I like the fact that he’s desperate to try and not give up, but Haruhiko is permanently labelled as a creeper the moment he mentions the word ‘girl’ and turned into a human ragdoll and punching bag who seems to be worth nobody’s time, despite the fact that he has more knowledge of these Phantoms than anyone in the entire ‘Phantom Club’ put together (including sensei). I’m genuinely surprised that he hasn’t flipped already. If I had his sense, I would have left Mai and Reina to fend for themselves and drive themselves crazy by performing their martial arts and Phantom eating with their massive chests and their moe looks. Maybe I’d even give up the club entirely and join…I don’t know…the occult club. And fill in my career sheet and be, I don’t know, a psychologist, what with his knowledge of how the brain works. There’d be a lot of pros if he actually did that; there’d be a good chance that the very pointless Ruru would stop following him around everywhere. I guess it’s just that I can’t exactly take a lot of stuff on the chin in real life, and probably can’t understand that Mai and Reina like pushing him around but still enjoy his company somehow. Maybe halfway through a filler episode will show some major incident that will bring them all together and prove to the girls that Haruhiko isn’t the fool they think he is. Until then unfortunately, we’ll have to put up with Ruru, who, when asked her name, tried to show off:
We don’t actually care.
  • While I was originally warming to Reina, I’ve been put off entirely by how feeble and gentle she actually is outside of Phantom hunting. At least now with new girl that doesn’t get on my nerves, the show can probably redeem itself. Out of all of them so far, Koito definitely looks and acts the coolest. People immediately point that finger to Mai, despite the fact that after 2 episodes, the show hasn’t even scratched the surface when it comes to her, her background, why she does what she does, etc. At least we know Koito’s talent is good enough for an application to an academy, Reina’s the rich girl, and Haruhiko’s house is full of occult books (a house which I wouldn’t mind myself).
“The headphones just make me look cool.”
  • In Japan, education is everything after all; that, as well as otaku culture and being a salaryman/OL. These three (now four) kids ought to be focusing on their studies, and instead of Phantom hunting, find stable jobs to fund themselves. So what has irked me the most is that I have no idea why a decent and well-established studio like KyoAni would genuinely think that people could take something like this seriously. Perhaps it’s just the fact that KyoAni are (as I have said in the past) trying to mature and evolve in time. Both Hyouka and Hibike! Euphonium bring drama, Amagi Brilliant Park brought us chain-smoking perverted theme park mascots, Nichijou brings surreal humor and Free! brings us BL. It’s also starting to actually acknowledge homosexuality in a show, which is good; Tamako Market‘s Midori was bi, and a nondescript girl in Chuunibyou! was desperate to confess to Rikka, not to mention the countless subtle relationships. Not that that as much to do with this, but perhaps it’s how the studio don’t seem to care (or notice) that both Mai and Reina have become prime anime meme targets now. With Mai rubbing her chest to cast spells and Reina eating and swallowing (and later licking her lips), KyoAni have probably put together a rather mature show for an audience that loves to poke serious fun at characters (and don’t care much for the plot), or have majorly kicked themselves in the behind this season.
Did we ask for this?!
  • I guess I’m just still reeling from last week, and a mixed episode like this didn’t help any enthusiasm I have for the show. On the one hand, the next maiden is introduced, and a cool one at that…but on the other hand, we have Reina erotically licking Haruhiko’s finger while half-naked. Need I say more? Maybe I’m right, and that KyoAni were fine with the viewers laughing at the characters and the plot in a harem-style show with added sci-fi/fantasy, as opposed to laughing along with them, and accepting the story and all the things in-between. Well…I’m still waiting for that episode to convince me this won’t be a laughing stock for the studio.