Sweetness is life. Save a life. Eat sweets.

I decided to do some more light-hearted shows this time. Dagashi Kashi peaked my interest as not only do I know nothing about Japanese traditional sweets (outside of what I’ve seen in both seasons of Non Non Biyori), but as I haven’t reviewed a proper slice-of-life show since Koufuku Graffiti last year, I figured to get back into the game again. A show that was no frills and no fancy and no hype.

…although I could be bitten on the behind after 12 weeks. I’ll see.

  • Us, outsiders, don’t know much about Japanese traditional candy, to be fair; I can hold my hands up on this as well. So did I choose this show purely because of my lack of knowledge? Well, I can’t really say that I have no real desire to learn about them…or rather it is knowledge that wouldn’t hurt. I was initially worried that, because of the manga, each episode was going to be something like 4 or 5 minutes long. I still would have reviewed it though, it would just be a tad disappointing. But I’m digressing…
  • A show like this is not something I’d honestly choose off the bat, but yet, here I am following the mundane life of a misunderstood guy, Kokonotsu (Coconuts seems to be the better name) who only wants to be a manga artist but is instead forced by his comedic father to inherit a run-down candy store. A very strange chuunibyou-like girl, Hotaru, then enters the cast. Coming from the big city, she is to inherit the largest confectionery company in the country. Eager to steal the owner’s talents, she decides to stay and aim to please the son who, if anything, looks like he couldn’t care less whether she stays or goes. In fact he is pretty nonchalant in everything in town in every possible way.

  • Studio Feel has a long history of making slice-of-life comedy shows (harem or no harem) that seem to whither away and disappear from sight. This show, though, does show some promise…emphasis on some promise. While the uninteresting male main character has little screen time, the chuunibyou-like girl and the boy’s father steal the show by reveling in their candy fandom together (e.g. which combination confectionery to eat, mascots on sweets, old commercials, etc.)…a whole world Kokonotsu just doesn’t, or doesn’t want to, get. Though we’re not shown any background story behind third wheel Saya, the girl behind the coffee shop…the obligatory girl who is after Kokonotsu. A tsundere would be an understatement, but we’ll certainly see more of her, even if she is quite the forgettable type; I mean come a year or so, we may remember Hotaru and possibly the shop owner, but not the tsundere.
J-j-just drink the coffee I specially made for you and get out!!! B-b-baka!!!
  • This show has not left a sweet taste in my mouth…(Gods, that was terrible. I apologize) Instead it’s kind of left me with “meh-it’s-okay-but-it-could-definitely-do-better”. The pre-show description said some romance would crop up, well unless Kokonotsu gets his act together and makes a move on Hotaru, or Saya will embarrass herself even more by pushing Kokonotsu further and further away, I don’t think we’ll see anything more than just some gentle banter between Kokonotsu saying nice things to both Hotaru and Saya, with both of them thanking him, and then thinking romantic thoughts out of his earshot. I said that I was after a light-hearted show for this season, well I’m glad I found one. This is easily something I can switch off to; something I don’t have to think hard about. And I think it’s very good to have a nice amount of shows like this every season. Sounds harsh and a little pessimistic, but not everyone wants deep stories and obscure metaphors in the shows they watch. I certainly don’t.
“…a guy named after a fruit…”
  • Next week will see more daft silliness from both Hotaru and Dad, who both seem to enjoy teasing Kokonotsu and prodding him into inheriting the store. As for Saya, well, I’m honestly not so bothered, to be honest. No doubt she’ll show up in each episode every now and then, shouting insults at everyone and anyone. Possibly in time, Hotaru’s nerdiness will get to me, but that would only make me a mini-hypocrite as whenever I go nerdy over something, I drive people just as mad. So ultimately, what am I expecting? More episodes of…well…the same kinda thing. Dagashi Kashi seems to be a show built around events, and not an actual story. If that’s how you like your tea, then this show will most certainly be up your alley, but as I’ve grown more cynical about slice-of-life shows, I’m much much harder to please.